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We'd love to hear from you!  If you have any questions or are looking for products we don't have, please feel free to let us know. We usually reply within 24 hours.


FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions:

Where are you located?

We are a Thai manufacturer. Our production locations are at the South of Thailand at Nakornsrithammarat Province and at the Central of Thailand at Chachengsao Province.


Who make the flower lights?

Our flower lights are made by groups of village people and farmer housewives. We love making flowers. We hope you enjoy them just like we do.


What types of wiring you have?

We sell to worldwide customers. Our wirings are imported and they are CE certified for European, British and Australian customers. We have UL certified wiring for North American and Japanese customers. We also have CE certified LED lights for your choosing. CE Certificate or UL Certificate for customs clearance will be provided.


Do you keep stock? I want to buy some when I come to Thailand.

We are sorry. All flower lights are freshly made to order only. We do not keep stock. Flowers get dirty and old when we keep them too long. So we make your flower lights only when you need them.


How do I order? 

Please fill out the contact form below. Simply tell us what product codes you like, how many of them. We will quickly send you our best wholesale quotation.


Do I need to open wholesale account?

No, you don't. We wholesale only. Simply fill out our contact form and tell us what would you like to order.


Where are your prices?

We have wholesale price list for your consideration. Let us know and we will quickly send the prices to you.


Can I get samples?

Yes, you can buy samples. We are sorry that we cannot give free samples because we receive many requests in a month.


How long are your production time?

Production time is 2-4 weeks depending on your order quantity. Production time during Christmas peak season in August - December are longer than normal. Please plan your order ahead. Lead time can be as long as 2 months or longer. 


I don't retail or wholesale. How can I buy your flower lights for my personal use?

Feel free to check with us. We may have re-sellers near you.  


Contact us: Please fill out the form below. TRADE inquiry only, please. We do not retail. Thank you. 


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Asian Wood Paper Lamp
bulletAsian Oriental Lamps
bulletBuddha Thai Lamps
bulletReal Leaf Lamps
bulletFlower Print Lamps
bulletBamboo Lantern Lamps
bulletThai Saa Paper Lamps
bulletBatik Paper Lanterns
bulletEmbossed Paper Lamps
Oriental Wood Table Lantern
bulletWood Carving Lamp 5"x13"
bulletWood Table Lantern 3"x16"
bulletCarved Wood Lantern 6"x12"
bulletPaper Wood Lantern 6"x12"
String Lights, Fairy Lights
bulletLeaf Flowers Lights
bulletRosebud String Lights
bulletRose Blossom Lights
bulletSunflower Fairy Lights
bulletOrchid String Lights
bulletFrangipani String Lights
bulletLily Flower Lights
bulletTulip, Freesia, Peony
bulletHawaiian Flower Lights
bulletPaper Lantern Lights
bulletHeart, Moon, Stars
bulletCotton Ball String Lights
bulletRattan Wicker Ball Lights
bulletCocoon String Lights
bulletAngel, Butterfly Lights
Lighted Flowers Branches
bulletLighted Leaf Flowers
bulletLighted Rose Branches
bulletLighted Orchid Flowers
bulletLighted Frangipani Flowers
bulletLighted Sunflower Branches
bulletLighted Ginger Flowers
bulletLighted Lily Flowers
bulletLighted Peony, Freesia
bulletLighted Sola Wood Flowers
bulletLighted Cocoon Willow Twig

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